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It Feels Like a Friday

I hate this feeling.  Oh, & I’m pretty sure I failed my calculus test today… & the fact that it feels like a Friday somehow makes it worse.  We get to retake tests, so let’s hope that that rule applies to the last one.

Sorry, tangent.  We had a peprally today. They usually happen on fridays, so that’s why it feels like I should be going to bed with the intentions of not waking up until noon. We play our rivals!! Exciting. (If you didn’t get that, I was totally lying. I could honestly care less. Which, is why I’m at home right now.)  We’ve lost to them for 17 years straight.  Will that change during my senior year? Don’t know and I don’t particularly care. 

If we do win tonight (our team is better this year. so instead a sucking a whole lot we…? fill in the blank. your guess is as good as mine.) there’s a skip day tomorrow.  Student approved of course.  But I’ve missed wayy too much school already.  & the thought of there being less annoying people at school makes me want to go.  So for that, I really hope we win tonight.

***And still, she searches the world for a boy who can love a wild girl.* -ℓa Bungaℓá

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